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the office.

One of the benefits of working in fashion is that it’s never boring, especially in freelance.  Our workspace changes almost daily and our coworkers even more so.  This week we were sweating it out on set at Snow Studio in DTLA for a new women’s line HYPR. (You may be familiar with their popular men’s offering Hypercrush Clothing.)

Our muse was the lovely Nastya @ HMMLA, a Russian beauty who is not only blessed genetically but has some pretty sweet dance moves too!  She immediately blew us away when she came into the casting (early!)  Warm, funny, patient, and hard-working, there’s not much more you can ask for.  We want to keep her but alas she’ll only be in LA for the summer.  Many hearts will be broken come September…

We also got to meet an artist we’ve been huge fans of for some time now, make-up artist Anthony H. Nguyen.  We love following his instagram for the make-up tips, flawless artistry, and some EPIC halloween makeup.  Best Ursula we’ve ever seen.  GO check it out NOW.  You can thank us later.

Oh and did we mention we had a DJ onset for our shoot?!?  Pretty amazing experience and worked better than any amount of coffee consumption to get our creative juices flowing.  We definitely vote for DJ’s on all sets going forward!

Many thanks to the awesome team at Hypercrush Clothing for being such a pleasure to work with and of course our homie Yoshino for being the best bossman we could hope for ;)


Shooting @akhmameteva_anasta for @hypercrushclothing #whim #whatshisismine (at SnowStudios)



LA gets a lot of flack for being “fake”, “tacky”, and let’s not get started on the traffic but for all the hate she gets people are still flocking to the city of angels.  Los Angeles is a pretty surreal experience in and of itself.  Lush concrete jungle in a desert basin?  Yeah peeps we live in the desert!  Stones throw away from the beach and some of the best and diverse selection of cuisine ever.  We’re even figuring out how to have a cool nightlife that isn’t just pretentious velvet rope it-clubs.

The best part is that LA is still the land where dreams become reality.  Where you are applauded for leaving that cushy full-time position to pursue your passions.  Where we care more about the legacy you’re trying to build than the car you drive.  She should be called the city of dreamers.

he:  Topman s/s printed shirt  /  Topman x Agi & Sam pants  /  Urban Outfitters belt  /  Movado watch  /  Zara shoes

she: The Fifth Label white blazer  /  Poprageous hollywood crop top  /  Topshop  white wrap skirt  /  One Teaspoon superhero sunglasses  /  Again pearl earrings  /  Wanderlust + Co rings  /   Michael Kors watch  /  Celine box bag  /  Charles Jourdan polka dot heels


summa-summa-summertime. time to sit back and unwind.

Remember when Will Smith used to make music?  I mean real music as The Fresh Prince with DJ Jazzy Jeff.  Summer always seems to be a great time to relax and reminisce.  Whether it’s old school jams, the perfect cocktail, or no-brainer mix and match outfits.

You can still make a sartorial statement even in this summer heat.  Mix patterns for a fun look that’s ready for a good time.  Stripes with tropical floral?  Is that a parakeet I spy?  Even better.  Black and white can pretty much match up with any pattern and a tropical one for summer is on point.  Or mix a little animal print with another neutral print (plaid in this case) and keep it all in the same color family for true harmony.

What ever you choose just remember to enjoy yourself.

she: Zara stripe blouse  /  The Fifth Label tropical skirt  /  Saint Laurent sequin betty  /  Again pearl earrings /  Wanderlust + Co rings  /  Michael Kors gold watch  /  Sam Edelman fringe booties

he: Topman s/s Button Up  /  T by Alexander Wang Shorts  /  American Apparel shirt  /  80spurple sunglasses  /  Movado watch  /  Salvator Ferragamo brown leather drivers


50 Shades of Blues

Welcoming the summer with tasteful and appropriate attire has always been our forte.  With the heat in play, deep necklines and light weight fabrics are our holy grail and nothing takes a better spin if you can mix them with the proper patterns and textures.  Just a little touch of enough side boob will scream opulence and your next rendezvous might just be with your Christian Grey. ;)

she: vintage Diane Von Furstenburg abstract print shirt  /  Whitney Eve zipper skirt  /  Saint Laurent sequin betty  /  Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses  /  Again pearl earrings

he: Topman l/s Button Up  /  Topman Pants  /  Club Monaco Blazer  /  Zara Bag  /  Zara Shoes  /  Pellens & Loick Pocket Square  /  80spurple Glasses


SSW: Punk Revival

This week’s Street Style Wednesday features the rise of punk fashion on the street style scene.  From high street to high fashion to hand-made, punk stylings are popping up in many forms thanks to Saint Laurent, Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, and Thom Browne to name a few.

What is Punk you ask?  Urban Dictionary's most popular answer below:

A guy walks up to me and asks ‘What’s Punk?’. So I kick over a garbage can and say ‘That’s punk!’. So he kicks over the garbage can and says ‘That’s Punk?’, and I say ‘No that’s trendy!’

After we stopped laughing we realized there’s some truth to that rather simplified answer.  Punk was born as a subculture rebelling against the mainstream disco era of the ’70s and Vivienne Westwood was one of the first at the helm.  Many others have since picked up the mantle and carried the spirit of punk to today.

And with that we say:

rebel against the norm.

take in some graffiti.

express yourself.

leather is always good, embellished leather even more so.

and if they still won’t listen maybe try spelling it out for them on your footwear?

photos by: Street Peeper, Le 21eme,  StreetFSN, Jak & Jil, The Sartorialist


summertime sadness.

Okay this title was originally intended to be ironic but now as we review this spread there is a certain melancholy that washes over us.  Perhaps we’re subconsciously lamenting the retiring of our favorite coats and suits due to the coming summer season (not to mention freakish summer weather we’re already experiencing here in cali).  It’s pretty apparent by now that we love tailored looks.  Blazers, suits, slacks, car coats, trench coats, woven button-ups… we just can’t get enough!

For those of you lucky enough to wear your tailored pieces year-round, don’t hate us for our palm trees and sunshine.  For we envy you for your tweeds, tartans, and cashmere <3.

Wait were we supposed to use this copy to go on about the awesomeness of our clothing and accessories?  Whoops, comment if you’d like more details and we’ll be happy to get our act together for your inquiries.

she:  Zara blazer  /  Asos burnout tank dress  /  Band of Players backpack  /  Coordinates collection bracelets  /  Prada geisha platforms

he:  Emporio Armani double-breasted suit  /  Jack Spade s/s shirt  /  Club Monaco belt  /  Salvatore Ferragamo leather loafers


urban oasis.

Perhaps we really REALLY miss Palm Springs and we’re channeling some of that amazing ambiance right here in the heart of Orange County.  Located right across the street from South Coast Plaza is a lovely tranquil sculpture garden by Isamu Noguchi that we highly recommend you visit.  Perhaps after your credit cards needs a breather from all that shopping?

This week we’re showing off the BEAUTIFUL design of a couple of our favorite new finds in this urban oasis.  First up is quite possibly the coolest backpack we’ve seen in some time by Band of Players.  The rectangular design, navy leather and silver accents make this a modern, fresh choice for the of-the-moment bag.

Now we know what you’re thinking: “Leather for Spring??”  And we say: “YESSS!”  Gone are the days of strict fashion rules you must adhere to lest you fall prey to the fashion police.  Your favorite textiles are viable year round given the right cut and styling.  Here Amen Couture has made a brown leather pleated skirt that is as amazing to touch as it is to see.  (Look at it twirl!)

And if you’re jonesing for Palm Springs like us… make sure to get your tickets for Coachella on sale now!

he:  Asos printed s/s  /  American Apparel seersucker shorts  /  Sperry Topsiders loafers  /  80s Purple glasses  /  Band of Players backpack  /  Movado watch

she:  Asos denim crop top  /  Amen Couture leather pleated skirt  /  Jeffrey Campbell marble heels  /  Ray-Ban wayfarer  /  Again pearl earrings and ring  /  Coordinates Collection bracelet  /  Kurt Geiger leather foldover bag



Brunch at the Mondrian

The place to see-and-be-seen was the perfect location to accommodate a birthday brunch to remember.  Last Saturday, Eugenie Grey (www.feralcreature.com) hosted an influencer birthday brunch along side with Herringbone x Suja and Instabrand in West Hollywood. What better way to entice fashion bloggers than an atmosphere that called for sassy personality drinks and lavish photo ops at every corner!

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He: Emporio Armani seersucker double-breasted blazer   /  Club Monaco l/s shirt   /  American Apparel pinstripe pants  / Club Monaco belt  /  Prada Brogues  /  80s Purple glasses


white hot.

We’re experiencing freakish weather here in Cali: cool mornings followed by blazing midday heat and windy afternoons.  Did Coachella follow us home??  While our Mickey Mouse tanks and silver lame shorts work for our home office going about running errands and taking meetings require a little more business appropriate attire.

Our transitional dressing to beat the heat and still handle bidness involves light weight cropped white separates with a layer of interesting pattern.  Swap out your winter coat for a long cardigan (coatigan some retailers are daring to call it… let us not revisit the days of jeggings) and go for a light weight sateen bomber instead of wool.  Just because the temp is going up doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice style =)

she:  Cooperative giraffe print cardigan  /  American Apparel turtleneck crop top  /  Vero Moda ribbed pencil skirt  /  Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses  /  MariaFrancescaPepe bauhaus necklace  /  Michael Kors watch  /  Wanderlust + Co rings  /  Kurt Geiger leather foldover purse  /  Brian Atwood suede heels

he:  Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen blue + silver nylon bomber  /  Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen paint splatter shirt  /  Club Monaco jeans  /  Salvatore Ferragamo leather drivers  /  Ray-Ban sunglasses  /  HM ear cuff